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A Jensen Ackles Icontest
Hi everyone! I'm you're moderator vetusangelus. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Elvish_731@hotmail.com.



1- Please do not post your submitted icon anywhere else until the challenge is over.

2- Icons must fit LJ's standards. (100x100px, 40kb, or smaller)

3- Post your icons in the challenge post, all entries screened.

4- No person can win more than one place unless specified; with the exception of Mod's choice or other extra voting choices, such as best use of text, crop, ect. (I.E.:If one person submits two icons and wins first and second they will get first place but not second.)

5- Make sure your icon is on a reliable server. PHOTOBUCKET works very well.

6- Please submit Icons in the following format:

7- If you would like to use any of the Icons presented here, please wait until after the competition is over. Then you may use the images from the Gallery that I will post.

Gallery rules:
- Icon maker, of you do not want your icons posted in the gallery, let me know and i'll remove them
- anything in the gallery is up for grabs
- if you plan on using one of the icons in the Gallery, you MUST CREDIT THE ICON MAKER

Winner of the Header challenge 1:
By: kes1807

Winner of the Banner Challenge 1:
By: violettestars